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Why Choose Tractus?

Running a memorable and profitable virtual event is hard. You have speakers scheduled to present in a few minutes, and they can’t figure out the tech. Attendees are trying to load the livestream but can’t find the link.

Anything that goes wrong is doubly embarrassing. You’re supposed to be the expert bringing experts together. Looking unprepared damages the speakers’ credibility, too. Not to mention sponsors.

You also have to organize those sponsors and vendors. You then need to meet your registration goals, get all attendees the agenda and their logins, and provide timely follow-ups such as recordings, notes, and surveys . . . all while running live tech support. It’s a lot to handle.

Producing a virtual or hybrid event is even harder when you’ve never done it before—or at this scale. Because a digital conference, tradeshow, or summit is not just a Zoom call with a lot of people. It needs to be a virtual recreation of an in-person experience that would take a committee months of planning.

Tractus Events makes virtual and hybrid events easy.

We help you plan your conference, tradeshow, or summit, then execute all the details for you so you can focus on content and engagement.

What We Do

Virtual Conferences and Trade Shows

Virtual events are the most cost-effective way to engage your audience, build connections, and run a profitable event. With Tractus, you'll create an industry-leading event that positions your brand as the go-to authority in your field.

Hybrid Events

Go beyond running just another Zoom call for your online attendees. Tractus works with you to develop and execute a plan to make your event memorable for both your in-person and online audience, while playing to the strengths of both mediums.

Hybrid Venue Upgrades

Do you have a meeting room or space with an old telephone system and a projector? Is it begging to be turned into a modern, sleek, profitable space where you can host your own webinars, vlogs, and live streams? Our experts will spec, quote, install, and train you on your new hybrid space.

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Todd Copeland
Community Futures Middlesex

"We worked in collaboration with Tractus to plan our event while they took care of its execution. We could not have pulled it off without their support and expertise."

Susan Schenk
Shift Your Thinking

"Tractus hosted our online Summit with ease. We got to focus on our audience without worrying about the technology. All we had to do was show up."

Book Your Strategy Call

Get Your Roadmap to a Memorable and Profitable Virtual or Hybrid Event

On this 60-minute call, we will:
Discuss what is doable (and what isn’t) with your budget
2. Map all the moving parts so you can plan with confidence
3. Talk about how to translate what works for your in-person events to online

The call will take about 1 hour. By the end of our time together, you’ll have a realistic perspective about your event so you can run it on time and on budget with confidence.

If we work together, awesome. At the very least, we want you to be more informed about what it takes to pull off a great event. If you do choose the do-it-yourself option, you’ll avoid the most common pitfalls, disruptions, and glitches. We believe goodwill goes a long way.

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